Syracuse Teacher Center  
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Professional Development

AUGUST 21, 22 & 23
Summer Summit- A collaboration between the Teacher Center, PDC and Syracuse Teachers Association!

SCSD will transition to our new professional learning platform, Performance Matters, to register for any district-sponsored professional learning and/or training.  Print and video resources are available on the Performance Matters homepage to help you register, search and withdraw from courses.  

Please refer to the directions below to register (and keep the card sent to you in your lanyard holder to assist you). 


Performance Matters Registration Help will be offered for drop-in support on the following dates at the SCSD Professional Development Center and Teacher Center:      June 8th 3-5 at the PDC         
June 14th 3-5 at the PDC             June 20th 3-5 at the PDC
Due to funding limitations, staff can only be paid up to 24 hours of professional development for the summer. If in the event educators need to take more than 24 hours of professional development over the summer, individual requests to exceed this amount must be submitted using the following link and will be reviewed for approval by the Office of Professional Development. 
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