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Joseph P. Schramm entered teaching after receiving his B.S. Ed from Oswego in 1969. He was hired in 1969 by the Syracuse City School District and was in the Urban Teacher Program at S.U. receiving his Masters in Education in 1971. He taught the intermediate grades and thoroughly enjoyed his students and their families. He was often remembered as a hard worker who was often found laughing with his colleagues as they developed new ideas and activities to help their students learn. He also enjoyed working with administrators in developing statistics and programs to reach more children. He took a teacher-on-leave assignment to facilitate assessments and completed his CAS degree. Soon after, Joseph saw that the state was seeking to open teacher centers where new ideas could be collected and exchanged and where practitioners could access experts on content, skills and research. Equipment and technology were also part of the teacher center concept. Joe facilitated the state network of teacher centers and knew so many through the ease of conversations to help apply the teacher center concept to their own communities. Under his administration, the Syracuse Teacher Center became the "lighthouse" by which districts could model and network. When the state cut full time funding for administrators to teacher centers, Joe became an administrator with the Special Programs department.  While there he facilitated grant writing for public and private schools and was also involved with grants to address the needs of children with special needs. Joe loved teaching and facilitating excellence in the teaching profession until leaving the SCSD in September 1999. He died in October 1999. 


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