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Syracuse Teacher Center
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Syracuse Teacher Center Mission Statement:
The mission of the Syracuse Teacher Center is to ensure that all educators grow professionally and use effective skills and strategies to help students meet the New York State Learning Standards and the goals of the Syracuse City School District Plan.

This is accomplished by providing:

  • collaboration with local educational and union organizations
  • support for educators and community members through innovative professional development opportunities
  • a professional staff
  • a state of the art resource site including computer technology lab, meeting spaces, and equipment for creating instructional materials

  • 2017-2018 Focus Areas:    
  • NYS Common Core Learning Standards                       
  • English Language Learners                                      
  • Instructional Technology        
  • Highly Effective Teachers
  • New Teacher Mentoring        
  • National Board Certification
  • NGSS- Next Generation Science Standards

Each room is equipped with a SMARTboard, Lenovo Laptop and sound system.  

Procedures to reserve a room:

  • Please call Angela Echols at 435-4217 to check on room availability.

Room etiquette:

  • Please help us maintain a high quality, professional place for you to learn and work by picking up the room.
  • Please turn SMART board off on breaks and when you are done, log off the computer/computers, and return all chairs and tables.
  • The computer lab is a food and beverage free zone.  Please utilize the designated areas for eating.        
  • Please turn in your attendance sheets at front desk prior to leaving.
  • Please do not unplug or remove our equipment.
  • Please notify us if in need of additional assistance.

Our Staff:

Maureen (Kendrick) Page


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